In Autumn 2022, Safeguarding Partners commenced with a review of the Pan-Lancashire Childrens and Adults safeguarding governance arrangements with the aim of improving the governance and front-line practice of local arrangements.  As a result, the Children’s Safeguarding Assurance Partnership (CSAP) Executive Board agreed to change to a place-based model which will have a greater focus on accountability and decision making at a local level.

This change signifies a strategic reorientation towards a more localised approach to safeguarding practices, scrutiny and assurance. Moving away from a broad, county-wide framework, the shift to place-based arrangements reflects a recognition of the unique needs and dynamics present in distinct geographical areas. By tailoring multi-agency safeguarding governance to specific localities, the aim is to enhance responsiveness and effectiveness in addressing the intricacies of safeguarding challenges within each area. This transition underscores a commitment to a more nuanced and contextually sensitive governance model, fostering a collaborative and targeted approach to safeguarding within individual communities.

Statutory Safeguarding Partners from Blackburn with Darwen Council, Blackpool Council, Lancashire County Council, Lancashire & South Cumbria Integrated Care Board and Lancashire Constabulary have held several discussions, workshops and development days to establish governance structures which meet statutory requirements and can seek assurance and understanding of how well children’s safeguarding, as a whole system, is performing.

From 1st September 2023, responsibility and oversight of Child Safeguarding will now be under the remit of individual place-based boards, namely Blackburn with Darwen Children’s Safeguarding Assurance Partnership, Blackpool Children’s Safeguarding Assurance Partnership and Lancashire Children’s Safeguarding Assurance Partnership.  Each partnership remains committed to maintaining and sharing learning on a Pan-Lancashire footprint and will continue to collaborate and work together as required

Each new Safeguarding Partnership has reviewed their priorities to develop the governance structure and are working on developing their local strategy and workplans.  This Pan Lancashire CSAP website will be decommissioned and replaced with an alternative for each individual partnership in 2024.

Lancashire CSAP Structure

Blackburn with Darwen CSAP Structure

Blackpool CSAP Structure

New contact details for the three partnerships are:

The Pan Lancashire Annual Report for the 18 months from 1st October 2021 until 31st March 2023 has been published.

More information can be found here:

CSAP Annual report 2021-23 final

The work of each Safeguarding Partnership is supported through their own Safeguarding Business Units who work across both the Children’s and Adult’s safeguarding agendas.  The Safeguarding Business Units are committed teams containing a variety of expertise and experience to support the delivery of each area’s safeguarding priorities.  If you are interested in joining one of the teams, we have a Vacancies page which details information about current opportunities.

JBU Vacancies
FAQ #1: I am concerned about a child. Who should I contact?

Our dedicated Reporting & Support page is available from the Main Menu above and provides a range of options for reporting any concerns about a child according to locality.

FAQ #2: What organisations does CSAP work with?

CSAP works with a wide variety of organisations including local authority teams, health partners and police colleagues.  Additionally, we also work with schools, colleges, charities and businesses to support and improve safeguarding outcomes for our children and young people.

FAQ #3: Who is CSAP accountable to?

CSAP is a partnership arrangement between the local lead partners, namely Blackpool, Lancashire and Blackburn with Darwen Local Authorities, the regional Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and Lancashire Constabulary.  Collectively, these partners form the overarching CSAP Executive Group which oversees and directs CSAP activity.

FAQ #4: What agencies and organisations do the safeguarding partnership arrangements apply to?

Working Together 2018 outlines the need for local organisations and agencies to work together to safeguard children.  Chapter 3 (Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements) of Working Together 2018 explains this aspect in further detail and includes a specific section on Relevant Agencies.

FAQ #5: I have a media enquiry about an aspect of CSAP activity. Who should I contact?

All media enquiries and requests can be made using the Enquiries Form provided below.
Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can ensure your query is handled in a timely manner and directed to colleagues best placed to answer your question.

FAQ #6: I have a compliment or complaint about CSAP. Who do I need to contact?

We aspire to provide the highest possible levels of service at all times to support our partners and related agencies in effectively safeguarding our children and young people.  As such, we value feedback on our provision where you feel we have been successful in our aims or may need to improve.

If you have a compliment or complaint about any aspect of CSAP, please use the Enquiries Form below to get in touch and let us know.

FAQ #7: My organisation would like to discuss working with CSAP. Who should I contact?

In developing our partnership approach, we actively work with a variety of organisations, agencies and companies to promote and develop safeguarding opportunities. If this is something you believe your organisation may be able to support, please use the Enquiries Form to get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss further.

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    Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council
    Blackpool Council
    Lancashire County Council