Accessibility Statement

We want as many people as possible to be able to navigate the CSAP website with ease and therefore aim to ensure that it is as accessible as it can be.

In practice, this means that we endeavour to:

  • Have accessible colour palettes, contrast levels and fonts
  • Label images and documents with alt-tags to make them readable
  • Ensure the site structure is simple to navigate and avoids being unnecessarily complex
  • Provide site search functionality to allow users to find content on the web site
  • Enable the ability to listen to most of the website using common screen reading software
  • Have scalable web pages that display appropriate to different devices used to access the site


Third party content

In signposting high-quality content and recommended safeguarding resources, our website may make use of third-party sites, the content of which is beyond our control.   Where possible, we will work with third parties to help support the signposting of accessible content.

Assistive technology

There are a range of third-party assistive technologies available to support different user requirements.  Such tools may include the use of screen reading software for those with visual impairments which allows users to have content described to them through the use of synthesised speech.

Colleagues at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) have useful information about screen reading software on the RNIB website which includes a number of suggestions and further resources:  External Link – RNIB Screen Reading Software

Browser accessibility settings

In addition to tools such as screen reading software, many popular website browsers have built-in accessibility features such as high visibility options, page zoom features and keyboard navigation.  Whilst these are generally found in the respective browser settings, the links below provide useful information about available accessibility features for different platforms:

Alternate formats

Should you require information or resources from our website in a different format than those provided, please contact us using the Enquiry Form in the About Us section and we will be happy to investigate your request.

Reporting accessibility problems

Improving the accessibility of our website is a continuous process and we welcome feedback you may have to improve its function.  If you encounter any accessibility issues or would like to make suggestions for possible accessibility improvements, please contact us using the Enquiry Form in the About CSAP section.

Statement position

This statement was last reviewed on 23 November 2021.