16 May 2022 @ 09:30
Dealing with Fake Online Accounts

School and teacher colleagues often highlight issues with fake accounts that have been set up by students or people in the wider community.  Whilst these may initially be set up for ‘fun’ without malicious intent, posts can become increasingly sinister, offensive and harmful, often being used for false allegations or to spread gossip or rumour which pose a reputational risk for both schools and individuals. 

Incidents of such activities have seen a rise in recent months, particularly on well-known video sharing apps, so if this happens – what can we do? 

Colleagues on the Professionals Online Safety Helpline at South West Grid for Learning have some very useful practical advice and guidance about this topic including what is or isn’t possible, involving the Police and options for carrying out your own investigation. 

You can find out more and access the Schools, Fake Accounts and RIPAs information on the SWGfL website here