19 September 2022 @ 10:00
Online Safety Support for Professionals


Very highly recommended for colleagues with a safeguarding responsibility, the Professionals Online Safety Helpline (POSH) is available to anyone working with children and young people dealing with online safety issues.

Support requests to the helpline are typically from school colleagues although it supports a variety of organisations and professionals including Police colleagues, Children’s Social Care, Sports Clubs, Faith institutions and further education settings.

The Helpline is a free service and also provides signposting, advice and mediation to resolve online safety issues staff may face about themselves, such as protecting professional identity or online harassment in addition to those problems affecting young people such as cyberbullying or sexting issues.

You can access the Professionals Online Safety Helpline via the following link:  POSH Helpline


Did you know?  As well as the POSH Helpline above, there are also dedicated support services available for Reporting Harmful Content, Harmful Sexual Behaviour and Intimate Image Abuse (Revenge Pornography)