What are 7-Minute Briefings?

Our CSAP and LSAB 7-Minute Briefings (7MBs) are based on research which suggests that seven minutes is an ideal time span in which to concentrate and learn.  Learning for 7 minutes is manageable in most services and often more memorable as it is necessarily brief and not clouded by other issues and pressures.

Increasing pressure on services and organisations can make it challenging to release staff to attend formal training events.  However, the need to keep learning and developing in order to maintain a skilled workforce means that these short, safeguarding snapshots can be a helpful way to support team learning.

Topics for our 7MBs are evidenced-based and informed by areas such as Local Learning Reviews and Case Reports.  Briefings are multi-agency, all-age (where possible) and are published on a quarterly basis.  Below you will find a variety of 7-Minute Briefings focussing on a number of different topics.

CSAP 7MB Repository