Neglect – Graded Care Profile 2 Training

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This course is for


This training is mandatory for social workers, consultant social workers, team managers and child and family practitioners in Children’s Social Care, and for family support workers, senior family support workers, and team managers in Children and Family Wellbeing.

Lancashire 10-19 Health Visiting and School Nurse Service, and School DSLs should also attend.

Please note– this is licensed training – only practitioners who have completed this one-day course will be able to use the Graded Care Profile 2 Tool with families.

Summary The Graded Care Profile 2 (GCP2) is a tool to support practitioners to work with families with a strengths-based approach.  It helps professionals measure the quality of care provided by a parent or carer in meeting their child’s needs, particularly where there are concerns about neglect.

Using the GCP2 assessment tool, professionals score aspects of family life on a scale of one to five. This assessment helps them identify areas where the level of care children receive could be significantly improved.

  • Provide overview of Neglect – what it is, what is its impact, why is it difficult to assess?
  • Learn about GCP2 tool – what it is and how it will help
  • Learn how to use GCP2 tool with families, and how to analyse completed profiles
Course outcomes 
  • Become licensed to use the GCP2
  • Consolidate knowledge of neglect
  • Be able to understand the challenges of identifying neglect in practice settings with children and young people and considering their ‘lived lives’.  Be able to identify children and young people at risk of Neglect
  • Understand the use of and practical application of the Graded Care Profile 2 Tool when working alongside families to assess and effect change when neglect is an issue