29 September 2022 @ 11:00
My Family’s Digital Toolkit


Our colleagues at Internet Matters have produced a very useful Digital Toolkit to support families with online safety.  Every family’s digital habits are different and therefore the toolkit reflects this by providing a tailored approach.  This is achieved by answering a few simple questions which are then used to personalise the information provided.

The Digital Toolkit is a great way for schools to support parental engagement and is highly recommended as a resource to include on your school’s website and provides answers to a number of commonly asked questions such as “how can I protect my child from inappropriate content?”, “what do I need to know about the latest app my child uses’?” and “how can I support my child to improve their digital skills?”.

Once parents/carers have answered the initial questions, the personalised toolkit will be sent to the e-mail addressed provided.

You can access the Digital Toolkit resource via the External Resources link in the Online Safeguarding section of the CSAP website


Did you know?  Our dedicated Supporting Resources section contains a wide variety of quality-assured, recommended resources to support the development of Online Safety.