Safer Sleep for Baby focusses on six easy to follow steps which you can follow any time you put your baby down to sleep.

Step 1: Always protect your baby from cigarette smoke during pregnancy and after birth. If you or your partner smokes, never share a bed with your baby. This can increase the risk of death for your baby
Step 2: Give your baby a clear, flat, separate sleep space, in the same room as you, such as a cot or Moses basket. Never fall asleep with baby on a sofa or chair; this can increase the risk of death by 50%.
Step 3: Never fall asleep with baby after drinking alcohol or taking drugs, including medications that may make you drowsy.
Step 4: Always put your baby to sleep on their back with their feet to the foot of the cot or Moses basket.
Step 5: Keep baby’s head and face uncovered and make sure they don’t get too hot. The room they sleep in should be between 16-20°c.
Step 6: Breastfeed your baby. If you need help with breastfeeding, talk to a health professional or contact your local family hub.

All of the above Safer Sleep resources are made available for parents, carers and professionals to download.

Professionals should consider printing copies where possible to share with families during contact sessions and to display in public areas to help raise the awareness of the Safer Sleep messages.

Useful Note: Our Six Steps to Safer Sleep poster (Poster #1) is also available as a Visually Impaired version.


If your child is invited to a sleepover, you will want them to be safe, both in general and in the event of a fire.

Before you agree to a sleepover, here is some guidance from our colleagues at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service that may help.


If you would like further information or would like to order any of the Safer Sleep materials highlighted above, please contact the CDOP Team using the Enquiry Form on the main CDOP page or by calling 01772 530329.